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Organizations use different values to differentiate parts of their organization, such as by line of business, business function, and so on. They can further refine the differentiation by a code or an additional value. For example, Finance: North America or Finance: 1000.

The access control application pulls the organizational values from the SAP back end and makes them available for creating organizational value maps and deriving roles. Organizational value mapping is the hierarchical structuring of organizational values. You can use organizational value maps to group organizational values in ways that facilitate mass assignment of authorizations and derivation of roles.

For example, you have a human resource role HR_Recruiter, and you want to propagate the role and its authorizations to other organizations. You can choose to manually propagate the role to each organization individually, or you can create an organizational value map and let the application do the propagation for you. Further, the maps can be used repeatedly by multiple roles, rather than manually assigning values each time.

The graphic below illustrates that with manual propagation, you must assign the authorizations to each role to each organization individually, and that using organizational value maps, the application propagates the authorizations to the respective roles.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

You maintain the organizational value maps in the Customizing activity Define Organizational Value Maps under   Governance, Risk, and Compliance   Access Control   Role Management  .