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Function documentation Transaction Documents  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can display the documents for a transaction.


On the screen Debit-Side Down Payment Chain or Credit-Side Down Payment Chain you can see the document overview on the Documents tab page.

The individual documents are listed in table form. The table contains several columns, for example:

        Sequence number for the document within the transaction.

        Cumulative, previous and delta amounts for invoiced amounts, retention amounts, additional costs and special retention amounts.

On the application toolbar there are several functions available to you:

        You can select standard functions such as details, setting and deleting filters, print, and layout functions. You can customize the table to suit your own requirements using layouts.

For more information on these functions, see the SAP Library under Cross-Application Components General Application Functions SAP List Viewer (ALV): Classic.

        Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text to reverse a document. For more information, see Reversing Postings.

        Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text to display a list of documents in Financial Accounting (accounting documents, profit center documents, controlling documents). From there you can go to the relevant document.


In the accounting document you get additional information for every posting item within an accounting document through the assignment number.

For down payment chains, the system assignment number is created as follows: Prefix of Assignment + Down Payment Chain Number. The prefix is determined by the chain type. You can configure this setting in Customizing for Debit-Side and Credit-Side Down Payment Chains under Define Chain Type.

The accounting document and posting items can be displayed sorted or filtered according to the contents of the assignment number.



       1.      Select the transaction in the down payment chain.

       2.      Select the Documents tab.


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