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Function documentation Document Display  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can display documents that have already been posted or archived.


In General Ledger Accounting, you can display documents that have already been posted in the entry view or, for a ledger, in the general ledger view:

     Entry View

In the entry view, a document contains the document line items originally entered or transferred from the original component.

If you choose document display, the document is first displayed in the entry view.

     General Ledger View

In the general ledger view, a document contains the document line items originally entered or transferred from the original component, split line items generated by document splitting, or additionally generated clearing items. Documents in the general ledger view always apply to a specific ledger.


In the general ledger view, the characteristics for General Ledger Accounting (such as Profit Center or Segment) are only displayed if they are contained in the scenarios that are assigned to the ledger.

If you want to go directly to the general ledger view from the entry view in document display, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text General Ledger View with the quick info text Document Display: General Ledger View. The document is displayed for the leading ledger. If you want to display the document in the general ledger view for another ledger, choose Other Ledger. You then select the appropriate ledger from the list.

In the document display, you can use the ALV Grid Control functions.


To display a document, proceed as follows:

Displaying a Document


       1.      From the SAP Easy Access menu, choose Accounting Financial Accounting General Ledger Document

     For documents in the entry view: Display (FB03)

     For documents in the general ledger view: Display General Ledger View (FB03L)

The Display Document: Initial Screen appears.

       2.      To display a document, enter the following data:

     Document number

     Company code

     Fiscal year

The default value for the document number is the number of the document processed last. Similarly, the default company code is the company code used last. If you work with year-related document numbers, the system also proposes a fiscal year (depending on how your system is configured).

Searching for a Document

If you do not have the document number, proceed as follows:


       1.      Choose Document List.

The Document List screen appears.

       2.      Enter the following as selection parameters: company code, document number range, fiscal year, ledger, document type, posting or entry date, and reference number.

You can also display noted items or search for your own documents only. Select the corresponding fields under Also display noted items or Search for own documents.

       3.      To determine the document number, choose Program Execute.

A list appears.

       4.      Double-click the required document.

The system displays the document overview first. To display details on a document line item, double-click the relevant item.

Additional Functions

You can request an adjustment posting (that is, a request to change the document) from the intranet. Choose Extras Correction Request.

An intranet screen appears. Complete the form and send it. The system automatically determines the processor of the request.

For more information on requesting adjustment postings, see Requesting an Adjustment Posting from the Intranet.




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