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Transferring FI accounting documents from an external system into the SAP System using program RFBIBL00.


You use program RFBIBL00 to enter accounting documents and to clear open items.


Program RFBIBL00 primarily transfers accounting documents using the batch input method. However, you can also generate documents immediately using call transaction or direct input by means of the "Data transfer type" parameter. Both of these procedures lead to improvements in system performance when transferring large quantities of data (more than 10,000 transactions).

Object-Specific Settings

With call transaction or direct input, documents are posted immediately to the SAP System. As a result, you need to ensure that if for any reason the program is terminated, it can be restarted without inconsistencies occurring in the data.

For more information, see Restart Mechanism for Transferring Document Data


Data transfer using direct input is not possible for the following postings:

For more information about data transfer, see the program documentation for RFBIBL00. The program documentation for RBMVSHOW includes information on the use of direct input and call transaction.