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When you are clearing open items, the system automatically generates the required clearing postings.


Clearing postings contain all information required to update transaction figures, commitments, and account balances. Separate clearing postings can be generated for each of the different company codes, business areas, accounts, or trading partners.

You can also distinguish clearing postings by other criteria such as the assignment, the reference number, or a contract number, and at the same time transfer their account assignments to the clearing items.

You can define special cross-client rules for classifying clearing entries in this manner. These rules are called clearing rules. For each clearing rule, you choose the fields you require as criteria for classifying the clearing entries.

The clearing rules are assigned on the client/account type level. You can therefore select different classifications for customers, vendors, and G/L accounts.


Use transaction OBIA to define all the clearing rules that you want to use in the system. After defining the rules, use transaction OBIB to assign them to account types.


You can enter a text in each clearing transaction (account maintenance, incoming payment, outgoing payment). This text is copied to every clearing entry that is created when you clear the open items.