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Procedure documentation Displaying Account Line Items  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


On the initial screen of the line item display, you can use selection criteria to restrict the number of items displayed. You can also specify on this screen exactly how the line items are to be displayed.


You cannot enter selection criteria for special fields.


  1. Enter the accounts and company codes for which you want to display line items. You can specify several accounts or company codes.


You can display the line items for all accounts in a company code.

  1. Restrict the number of line items to be displayed. You can use the following selection criteria to do this:

You can further restrict the number of items by specifying a date, for example, a key date for open items.

  1. Specify how the line items are to be displayed. You have the following options for this:


The SAP standard system contains various layouts. The technical names of these layouts begin with 1SAP.

In the standard variants, the line items are sorted and totaled according to account and company code. You can define layout variants from the line item list.

  1. You can save your selection criteria as a selection variant. The next time you call up the line item display, the system automatically defaults the parameters you have set. To save your settings, choose Goto Variants Save as variant...

For more information about saving selection variants, see Creating Variants

  1. To display line items, select This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.


The line items you selected are displayed in a list.

You can use various functions in this list. See Functions in the Line Item Display