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For the line item display, you can choose between several line layout variants.


If you choose standard line layout in the line item display for a customer account, the most important data from the document header and line items is displayed. This includes for example, document number, document type, dunning block, dunning key, amount, and clearing document number.

If you select the variant with terms of payment, information about the terms of payment is displayed in addition to the document number, amount, and the clearing document number.

The above-mentioned and other variants are already defined in the standard system. You can change these variants or add new ones.

You can define variants for individual account types or generally, for all account types.

In addition to the information in the lines, you can also display other fields. The possible additional fields are already defined in the system. You can choose them from a selection screen in the display.

If you require fields other than those defaulted in the standard system, you must specify these separately by account type. In addition, you can specify the sequence of the fields on the selection screen. You place the fields that you require most often at the top of the field list.

Defining Variants

If you want to define your own variants, proceed as follows:

  1. Set the fields in the order in which they are displayed (see the following figure, 1) and define the display format (see the following figure, 2). If you do not want a field to be displayed in full, you can specify the area to be displayed via the display format.
  2. Specify the names of your variants (see the following figure, 3), and the column headings for field display (see the following figure, 4).
  3. Translate the names and column headings if you use functions where the variant is used in foreign languages.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


The figure below shows the definitions for standard line layout.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

If you choose this line layout in line item display, item information is displayed as in the figure below. The header information is transferred from the definition (see figure 4 above). The clearing document number field is shortened because only the last characters are required. The clearing document number is shown starting with the eighth character (offset 7), in length 3, with distance 1 from the previous column (see figure 2 above).

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text



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