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Depending on your systemís configuration, you can have the system generate and post line items automatically.


Which line items are generated depends on which business transactions you have entered:


The following table gives you an overview of the different business transactions for which line items can be generated automatically.

Business transaction

Line items

Entering a customer or vendor invoice

  • Tax on sales/purchases (output tax when posting a customer invoice, input tax when posting a vendor invoice)
  • Payables and receivables between company codes (when posting cross-company code transactions)

Posting a customer or vendor payment and clearing open items

  • Cash discount (paid and received when posting payments)
  • Backdated tax calculation for tax on sales/purchases (after cash discount deduction)
  • Gains and losses from exchange rate differences (between invoice and payment)
  • Unauthorized deduction of cash discount (when a payment is slightly different to the amount due)
  • Residual items
  • Bank charges

Entering special G/L transactions

  • Bill of exchange charges
  • Tax adjustment for a down payment


Adding Details to Automatically Generated Line Items




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