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Function documentation Posting Invoices Net (Accounts Payable)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To post vendor invoices net in accordance with regulations in certain countries, the cash discount must be withheld. This procedure is typical for the recording of property, fixed assets, and equipment acquisitions. The amount as reduced by the cash discount (net amount) is displayed in the expense or balance sheet account.

Net amount = Gross amount - cash discount


You have not paid the invoice yet.


The system automatically deducts the cash discount from the expense.

When you post invoices net, you have to use a Net document type.

The following figure shows how you post an invoice net:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

When you post an invoice net, the system creates an additional document line item for the discount.

When you post invoices net, the discount conditions can be changed in the document or in the payment proposal later, in the same way as for invoices posted gross.

If you pay an invoice using the payment program, the system compares the cash discount taken when the invoice was posted net with the discount percentage rate applicable at the time of payment.

The difference between the discount amount originally calculated and the actual discount deducted is posted to a separate expense account.


You have to set up the accounts, rules, and posting key for the automatic posting of discount-related differences in Customizing.





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