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When you enter a key in the Pmnt block field, you specify the following payment control data:

Block keys can also contain both of these blocks. You can use the Payment block field to prevent a payment being made via the direct debiting procedure for a customer item, for example.

The field Payment method controls the payment program. You also use this field to specify the form or payment medium (such as check, bank transfer, bill of exchange, or direct debit) for a line item. If you do not enter a payment method, the payment program selects one based on the payment method defined in the master record and on the parameters entered online for the payment program.

Depending on how your system is configured, you may be able to make entries in the Payment method supplement field. The payment method supplement is used to group together payments for the payment program. A single payment is made for each payment method supplement. In the payment medium programs, payments can also be grouped and possibly even sorted using the payment method supplement. This field is used, for example, to control the sending of checks in the USA. The payment method supplements are called ‘mailstop codes’ in the USA.


If you have entered default values for the block key and payment method in the terms of payment, these are transferred by the system here. The only default values that are effective for installment payments are those that were defined in the terms of payment for installment payments and not those that were defined in the terms of payment for the individual installments making up the total payment.




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