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Procedure documentation Entering Document Headers  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The document header contains data that applies to the entire document. To enter a document, you must first enter the document header.


  1. From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Accounting Financial accounting General ledger Document entry Others General posting.
  2. To enter a document in Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable, from the SAP Easy Access screen choose Accounting Financial accounting Accounts receivable/Accounts payable Document entry Other Invoice - general/Credit memo - general or another business transaction.

  3. Enter the data required on the Enter G/L Account Posting: Header Data screen. Depending on your settings in Customizing, the following entries are required:

The document date is the date the business transaction (such as a transfer posting, or the issue date of an invoice or payment) took place. The document date can be different from the posting date, which is the date that G/L account balances or the customer/vendor balances are updated.

For some document types, you also have to make entries in the fields Reference and Document header text.

Depending on the document type, document numbers are either internally assigned by the system or entered by you externally.

The system defaults this company code in all subsequent documents you enter that day.

The system automatically defaults the current date as the document date. When you post the document however, you can enter any other date (past or future) from a permitted posting period. The posting date can be different to the document entry date and the document date (date the original document was created).

The posting date determines the posting period.

The periods that are permitted for posting are determined by your system configuration. You can also post to periods in a previous fiscal year. If you do this, the carry forward balance for the current year is automatically corrected in special periods.

When you enter the first document of the day, you must enter a currency key. The system defaults this currency key in all subsequent documents entered on that day.

You have the following options when entering an exchange rate in a document header:



This entry is then defaulted in each G/L account item that is not generated automatically. It can however be overwritten if required.

The document header text contains explanations or notes that are applicable to the whole document, not just specific document line items.

The reference number could be the number of an invoice, for example.

Either you enter the number of a cross-company code document manually, or it is determined by the system.


In the document header you can edit the following fields:




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