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The posting key determines what information is required for particular business transactions.


The system offers different functions for entering business transactions:

You can enter invoices, credit memos, and any type of transfer postings using the standard functions.

You can use these to enter business transactions that require special screens, a particular sequence of screens, or special checks. For example, you post customer and vendor down payments with special functions.

These enable you to enter business transactions which are carried out frequently, such as vendor invoices or incoming customer payments.

The screens for special entry functions have been designed specifically for the transaction involved. You can use the posting key to design the screens for standard entry functions specifically for your business transactions. To do this, you specify in each posting key which fields need to be displayed on the screen. You can suppress fields which are not required. If certain information is always required in a business transaction, you can define the field for this information as a required entry field. All the other fields are ready for input but do not require input.


The following diagram shows first a line item entry screen without any changes made to it and then a screen for entering a payment difference. The Text field contains a question mark. An entry must be made in this field (required-entry field) to explain the origin of the payment difference in the item. You can make entries in all the other fields, but are not required to. The Collective invoice number field has been suppressed.

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