Start Level 1 Node: Credit and Risk Management (SD-BF-CM)Credit and Risk Management (SD-BF-CM)End Level 1 Node: Credit and Risk Management (SD-BF-CM)
   Start Level 2 Node: Monitoring Credit During Sales and Distribution ProcessingMonitoring Credit During Sales and Distribution ProcessingEnd Level 2 Node: Monitoring Credit During Sales and Distribution Processing
   Start Level 2 Node: Credit Control AreaCredit Control AreaEnd Level 2 Node: Credit Control Area
      Start Level 3 Node: Deriving the Credit Control AreaDeriving the Credit Control AreaEnd Level 3 Node: Deriving the Credit Control Area
      Start Level 3 Node: Specifying Credit Limits by Credit Control AreaSpecifying Credit Limits by Credit Control AreaEnd Level 3 Node: Specifying Credit Limits by Credit Control Area
   Start Level 2 Node: Creating Credit DataCreating Credit DataEnd Level 2 Node: Creating Credit Data
      Start Level 3 Node: Credit Limits for Groups of CustomersCredit Limits for Groups of CustomersEnd Level 3 Node: Credit Limits for Groups of Customers
      Start Level 3 Node: Defining Credit Limits for New CustomersDefining Credit Limits for New CustomersEnd Level 3 Node: Defining Credit Limits for New Customers
   Start Level 2 Node: Processing Credit DataProcessing Credit DataEnd Level 2 Node: Processing Credit Data
      Start Level 3 Node: Displaying Credit DataDisplaying Credit DataEnd Level 3 Node: Displaying Credit Data
      Start Level 3 Node: Resetting Credit LimitsResetting Credit LimitsEnd Level 3 Node: Resetting Credit Limits
   Start Level 2 Node: Sales and Distribution Functions in Credit ManagementSales and Distribution Functions in Credit ManagementEnd Level 2 Node: Sales and Distribution Functions in Credit Management
   Start Level 2 Node: Sources of Information in Credit ManagementSources of Information in Credit ManagementEnd Level 2 Node: Sources of Information in Credit Management
   Start Level 2 Node: Credit Management in Distributed SystemsCredit Management in Distributed SystemsEnd Level 2 Node: Credit Management in Distributed Systems
   Start Level 2 Node: Reports for Credit ManagementReports for Credit ManagementEnd Level 2 Node: Reports for Credit Management
   Start Level 2 Node: Postings Without Credit Limit ChecksPostings Without Credit Limit ChecksEnd Level 2 Node: Postings Without Credit Limit Checks
   Start Level 2 Node: Authorizations for Critical Credit Control FieldsAuthorizations for Critical Credit Control FieldsEnd Level 2 Node: Authorizations for Critical Credit Control Fields
   Start Level 2 Node: Automatic Credit Controls in SDAutomatic Credit Controls in SDEnd Level 2 Node: Automatic Credit Controls in SD
      Start Level 3 Node: Defining an Automated Credit CheckDefining an Automated Credit CheckEnd Level 3 Node: Defining an Automated Credit Check
      Start Level 3 Node: Different Types of Credit ChecksDifferent Types of Credit ChecksEnd Level 3 Node: Different Types of Credit Checks
      Start Level 3 Node: Subsequent Functions in Credit ChecksSubsequent Functions in Credit ChecksEnd Level 3 Node: Subsequent Functions in Credit Checks
      Start Level 3 Node: Reviewing and Releasing Blocked DocumentsReviewing and Releasing Blocked DocumentsEnd Level 3 Node: Reviewing and Releasing Blocked Documents
      Start Level 3 Node: Renewed Credit Check for Blocked SD DocumentsRenewed Credit Check for Blocked SD DocumentsEnd Level 3 Node: Renewed Credit Check for Blocked SD Documents
      Start Level 3 Node: Informing Credit Representatives AutomaticallyInforming Credit Representatives AutomaticallyEnd Level 3 Node: Informing Credit Representatives Automatically
   Start Level 2 Node: AuthorizationsAuthorizationsEnd Level 2 Node: Authorizations
   Start Level 2 Node: Risk Management for Receivables in SDRisk Management for Receivables in SDEnd Level 2 Node: Risk Management for Receivables in SD
      Start Level 3 Node: Forms of Payment GuaranteeForms of Payment GuaranteeEnd Level 3 Node: Forms of Payment Guarantee
      Start Level 3 Node: Determining the Form of Payment GuaranteeDetermining the Form of Payment GuaranteeEnd Level 3 Node: Determining the Form of Payment Guarantee
      Start Level 3 Node: Calculating the Credit ValueCalculating the Credit ValueEnd Level 3 Node: Calculating the Credit Value
   Start Level 2 Node: Settings for Credit Management and Risk Management: OverviewSettings for Credit Management and Risk Management: OverviewEnd Level 2 Node: Settings for Credit Management and Risk Management: Overview
   Start Level 2 Node: DefinitionsDefinitionsEnd Level 2 Node: Definitions
      Start Level 3 Node: Credit LimitCredit LimitEnd Level 3 Node: Credit Limit
      Start Level 3 Node: Risk CategoryRisk CategoryEnd Level 3 Node: Risk Category
      Start Level 3 Node: Credit Representative GroupCredit Representative GroupEnd Level 3 Node: Credit Representative Group
      Start Level 3 Node: Date of Next ReviewDate of Next ReviewEnd Level 3 Node: Date of Next Review
      Start Level 3 Node: TextTextEnd Level 3 Node: Text
      Start Level 3 Node: BlockedBlockedEnd Level 3 Node: Blocked
      Start Level 3 Node: External Credit DataExternal Credit DataEnd Level 3 Node: External Credit Data
      Start Level 3 Node: Customer Credit GroupCustomer Credit GroupEnd Level 3 Node: Customer Credit Group