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Function documentation Displaying Terms Offered/Terms Taken Evaluations  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You wish to display the evaluations for cash discount history (terms offered/terms taken).

The display options are explained using the "country" grouping criterion at "group" level.


Initial Screen for Terms Offered/Terms Taken

On the initial screen for the terms offered/terms taken evaluation, the system displays the following values per country or country key:

The values in the Terms offered column result from the terms of payment you grant your customer.

The values in the Terms taken column result from the actual cash discount history of the customer (i.e. has he paid with or without cash discount and how late did he pay).

Displaying Further Evaluations

From the initial screen, you can access the following evaluations:

    1. Place the cursor on a country.
    2. Select Edit ® Payment methods.

You see a dialog box in which the relevant information for each country is displayed.

You can scroll back and forth in the country list on the initial screen via Next feature or Previous feature.

The total number of days under the Offered and Taken columns is calculated from the monthly amounts and the total of the interest calculation numerator divided by 100.

    1. Place the cursor on a country.
    2. Choose Edit ® Top n customers .

From this drilldown list, you have two additional evaluation options:

    1. Place the cursor on a customer.
    2. Select Edit ® Line item analysis.

To do so, proceed as follows:

    1. Place the cursor on a customer.
    2. Choose Edit ® Payment methods.

The system displays a dialog box with the appropriate values for each customer.

You can scroll back and forth in the customer list via Next customer or Previous customer.