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Procedure documentation Setting a Purchasing Block for Sites and Vendor Sub-Ranges  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can only set a vendor purchasing block specific for a particular site or vendor sub-range if you have maintained data at these organizational levels, and if this data is different from the data maintained at the purchasing organization level.


  1. On the Change Vendor: Initial Screen enter the vendor number and the purchasing organization for which the block is valid.
  2. Select the Purchasing data view in the Purchasing organization data section and choose Enter.

    The Change Vendor: Purchasing Data screen appears.

  3. Choose Extras ® Alternative data.
  4. The Change Vendor: Different Data screen appears.

  5. Select the organizational level (at which the different data is maintained) which you want to block for purchasing activities. You can select:
  1. Choose Purchasing details.
  2. The Change Vendor: Dif. Purch. Data screen appears.

  3. Choose Extras ® Purchasing block.
  4. The Change Vendor: Purchasing Block pop-up appears.

  5. Select the field Purchasing block and choose Enter.
  6. Save.