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Background documentation Restart Mechanism for Transferring Document Data  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

With call transaction and direct input, documents are posted immediately to the SAP System. As a result, you need to ensure that if for any reason the program is terminated, it can be restarted without inconsistencies occurring in the data. This restart mechanism prevents documents from being posted twice if you have to restart a program.

If you choose call transaction or direct input, you should make sure that you use the restart mechanism. To do this, the following prerequisites must be met:

An example of a formal error is if the file to be imported contains transactions to be posted with clearing (FB05). To check whether your file has a formal error, select Check file.


You cannot use the restart procedure when there is a termination due to a formal error. In this case you must find out which documents had been posted at the time of termination and then reduce the size of the file accordingly.

To schedule and start a job that can be restarted, proceed as follows:

  1. In Customizing for Financial Accounting, carry out the activity Data Transfer Workbench under General Ledger Accounting or Financial Accounting Global Settings.

The Data Transfer Workbench screen appears.

  1. In the data transfer project tree, select the run definition for your project.
  2. To create a job for background processing, select Schedule run.
  3. For more information, see: Scheduling Background Jobs

  4. Choose Start run. Confirm the Start run dialog box with Continue.

The Manage Data Transfers (Direct Input) screen appears.

  1. Select Program ® Execute.

The Direct Input Management screen appears.

  1. Select a job and choose Start new job.

To see whether the job has been completed without errors, choose Job log. The system assigns status "C" for "Complete, executed with no logical errors" if the job was completed successfully. If logical errors occurred, for example because no data was entered for a required entry field, the status assigned will be "E" for "Complete, but logical errors have occurred".

In the case of a defective transfer, the corresponding documents are not posted but written in a batch input session. The session name of the first BGR00 record is used here. After the error has been corrected, you can process the batch input session and thus complete the data transfer.

If a termination occurs as the documents are being imported, the system issues the message "Batch: Job terminated". When you have corrected the problem, you can restart the job by choosing Restart job. The program then continues processing from the point at which it terminated.

For more information, see the program documentation for RBMVSHOW.


You can also use the direct input or call transaction functions without the restart mechanism for testing purposes. In this case, the input file cannot contain more than 20 transactions. A restart in case of program termination is then not possible.

For more information, see Testing the Data Transfer