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Using the functions for task processing, you can change or display the tasks in a notification independently of the notification itself. In this way, you can:

      Process tasks quickly and easily

      Execute tasks using the functions of the action box

      Access the information in the associated notification at any time

Process Flow


       1.      You process the tasks using one of the following options, depending on your job duties or method of working:


You call up the worklist for tasks to determine whether tasks exist that you must process.


You check your workflow inbox determine whether tasks exist that you must process.

Functions for Task Processing

If you want to process a specific task in a specific notification, use the transactions for processing or displaying a task.

       2.      After you have selected and executed one of the above options, you process a task by either:

       Forwarding the task to another person, if you cannot process the task yourself

       Carrying out the instructions specified in the task

       Documenting the information for a task that has just been executed; for example, as a task long text or via a follow-up function in the action box (internal remark)

       Setting the status of the task to "completed," once you have carried out the instructions specified in the task

       Executing additional follow-up functions in the action box, if additional tasks need to be implemented


Once you have processed and completed a task, you can complete the notification (provided there are no other tasks in the notification that need to be processed).



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