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Procedure documentation Printing Payment Notices  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

If you want to print payment notices directly with the print report RFKORD00, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose System ® Services ® Reporting.
  2. Enter the report name and choose Execute.
  3. To print the payment notices, you can make the following specifications:
  4. - If you want to print requested notifications, click in the field Data from trigger table and specify a correspondence type in the field Correspondence. If you do not, the payment notice is created directly on the basis of the document data. Any correspondence requests already in the system are not deleted.

    - By specifying the posting key and the special G/L indicator and marking the field Noted items, you can limit the business transactions to be taken into account in the reply slip. You can, for example, specify via the posting key that only outgoing invoices are displayed, or via the special G/L indicator only down payments.

    - Via the field Cleared items you can specify, that the items which are cleared by incoming payment are listed in detail in the letter. Via the field Reply, you specify that a reply is to be created for payments on account, which is sent to the customer to clarify which open items should be cleared with the payment.

  5. Choose Program ® Execute or Execute and print. See program documentation for more information on program RFKORD00.