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If you require your own special G/L transactions, you must use a new special G/L indicator. To do this, you specify the account type for which the special G/L indicator is to apply. In addition, the system specifies the permitted posting keys. Posting keys are defined in the standard system for outgoing and incoming debit and credit postings.

Before you enter a new special G/L transaction, you should specify how it is posted. Correspondingly, you must carry out the following preparations for posting the transaction:

Properties of Special G/L Transactions

You define properties for each special G/L indicator. You make these specifications separately for each special G/L transaction for incoming and outgoing procedures.

The properties of special G/L transactions are:

You can specify that a special G/L transaction does not update account balances. This is the case with down payment requests and bill of exchange payment requests in the standard system, for example. Both of these transactions are kept in the system merely as noted items.

Special G/L transactions can be included in customer credit limit checks. Noted items are not generally taken into consideration for the credit limit check. You can mark all other special G/L transactions correspondingly.

You can specify that when you post to a vendor or customer account, a message is issued on the special G/L transaction. For example, when you post a vendor invoice, it is helpful to know that a down payment has already been made. In the standard system, therefore, this option is active for down payments made.

For noted items, you can set the special G/L indicators that are permitted during document entry. The target special G/L indicator is used in the standard system for down payment requests.

Business-Related Differentiation of Transactions

In addition to the above-mentioned properties, you also specify for each special G/L transaction whether it is a bill of exchange, a down payment or another transaction. This specification is referred to in the system as the special G/L transaction type.

This information is stored in the line item. It is required to differentiate down payments and bills of exchange from other transactions.

Posting Keys for Special G/L Transactions

If you require posting keys in addition to the ones already defined for special G/L transactions, you must define them. You indicate these posting keys by marking the Special G/L field. These posting keys are then only used for special G/L transactions.

The available posting keys are displayed when you specify the properties of a special G/L transaction.