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Procedure documentation Posting a Down Payment Without a Down Payment Request  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The entry screens can be laid out per company, depending on the special G/L account. As a result, the fields for tax (tax amount and tax code) and other account assignment fields described in the following may not be contained in your screens.

You post a customer down payment when the customer has made the down payment or when the posting has been made to your bank account.

You post a vendor down payment either when you send the check or when the payment is debited from your bank account.

Proceed as follows:

1. Choose Document entry ® Down payment ® Post.

A screen is issued for entering the document header data. Further specifications are also required for the line items. These include the customer or vendor and bank account numbers.

2. Enter the header data and the necessary data for posting to the customer or vendor account and the bank account.

To post to the customer or vendor account, enter the account and the special G/L indicator for down payments. To post to the bank account, enter the G/L account number for the bank account and the amount. Whether or not you need to enter bank charges depends on the business transaction. Your system configuration determines whether or not a value date is entered.

3. Choose ENTER. The system now displays the screen for entering the down payment.

4. Enter the following data:


Enter the down payment amount in the amount field. If you post input tax in your country, enter the net or gross amount of the down payment line item, depending on which procedure your company uses to display down payments. You can find further information on the net and gross procedures in Net or Gross Display of Down Payments


Enter the input tax amount or have the system calculate it. In the latter case, enter * .

Tax code

Enter a tax code for calculating the input tax. The system needs this information to calculate the tax amount or to check a tax amount entered by you.

Cash discount

If you grant a customer a cash discount at the time they make a down payment (rather than when payment is made in full) enter the cash discount percentage rate or the cash discount amount.

If the vendor allows a cash discount for a down payment, enter the percentage discount or the discount amount

Additional data

Enter data in any other necessary fields, such as business area, dunning area, order or purchasing document.

5. You can enter further down payment items in the customer or vendor account by choosing Edit ® New item or Edit ® Copy item. This is necessary when, for example, the whole down payment amount is to be distributed among several business areas, orders etc.

6. When you have entered all the items, post the down payment by choosing Document ® Post.

The system posts the down payment amount to the customer or vendor account, the special G/L account and the G/L account for the bank account. If you enter the tax, the tax amount is also posted.

Any possible additional postings, for example tax or cash discount are carried out automatically by the system.