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Background documentation Processing Down Payments in the SAP System  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Down payments are posted to separate special G/L accounts (down payment accounts) depending on the down payment type (such as down payments made on tangible fixed assets or on inventory stocks). As a result, you do not need to carry out any transfer postings for the balance sheet.

You can post the down payments manually or have the payment program post them. For more information, see Posting Down Payments

When the goods or services for which a down payment was made have been delivered, the down payment may no longer be displayed on the balance sheet. You must either clear it with the closing invoice or carry out a transfer posting before you create the balance sheet.

You can clear the down payment manually or have the payment program clear it. For more information, see Clearing Down Payments

You must make transfer postings for down payments manually. When you make a transfer posting, the system clears the down payment and posts the same amount to the customer or vendor account. For more information, see Transfers for Down Payments

Different postings are made, depending on whether you are posting, clearing or transferring a down payment. You do not need to enter a posting key, account and amount for all postings. The following information is defined in the system:

        Accounts and account determination rules for posting taxes, tax clearing and cash discount deductions automatically

        special G/L accounts for the different down payment types

         posting keys for all necessary postings



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