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Background documentation Displaying Special G/L Transactions  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Special G/L transactions are displayed in the accounts in a different way from standard transactions:

With the exception of noted items, special G/L transactions are updated to the open item accounts but listed separately from the standard transactions in the account balance display. Special G/L transactions are also displayed separately from the standard transactions when displaying line items.

Via the open item accounts, you can look at the special G/L transactions referring to your customer or vendor. As with all postings to customer or vendor accounts, the amounts are posted automatically to the reconciliation accounts in the general ledger. There are separate reconciliation accounts for special G/L transactions, that is special G/L accounts. Via the special G/L accounts you can look at the special G/L transactions per transaction.


By displaying a customer's account balance, you can see how many down payments the customer has made. Via the special G/L account for down payments received, you can see the total of down payments from all customers assigned to the special G/L account.

Noted items do not update the account balance. The system merely establishes a link between the line item and the account so that you can only look at the noted items via line item display in the open item account and the reconciliation account.