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Sample Dunning Form  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The figure below shows an example of a dunning notice.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The texts in the form windows are defined as follows:

Company code-specific standard texts have been created for these windows (see the figure in the topic Text Elements for the HEADER Window,(3)). The names of these texts were specified for every window according to the company code in the configuration of the dunning program. When the dunning notice is printed, the print program determines the corresponding text.

The INFO window includes the name of the clerk for the customer account, the telephone number and the fax number. The dunning program determines the data on the basis of the name identification code in the master record of the customer/vendor and enters the information via structure FSABE into the INFO window.

The "documents up to" date specified for the dunning run (03/15/1995) is entered in the dunning notice. The date is entered by the dunning program into field GRDAT of file MHNK. The corresponding variable MHNK-GRDAT was entered into the text element of the INFO window. The print program replaces the variable with the date.

This window contains the address of the original recipient of the dunning notice.

The MAIN window contains a letter text with information on the line items and a dunning charge, the total of the items and the balance of the account.

The dunning text was entered under text element 513 ("3" for the third dunning level) in the text element of the MAIN window.

The percentage rate for interest on arrears (see the figure above, b) has been entered in field T056Z-ZINSO by the dunning program. The payment period (see the figure above, c) was determined by the dunning program on the basis of the specification for the third dunning level (see Dunning Levels and Days In Arrears) and entered into field F150D-ZIELD. The total of the receivables (see the figure above, d) was taken from field MHNK-SALDO.

The line item information was defined under the following text elements the MAIN window:

Text Elements Used in the Dunning Notice

Text element



Line item heading


Layout of line item information with variables for document number, due date, currency, amount, arrears dunning level and interest


Dunning charge with variables for currency and amount


Dunning totals with variables for currency and amount


Account balance with variables for currency and amount