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Procedure documentation Data from the Dunning Run for the Form Printout  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The dunning program provides the data that you need from the dunning run for the form printout. The dunning program stores this data in the following files for each dunning run.

You can use all fields from these files as variables in the form. In addition, you can transfer field contents into the forms from master record tables (for example, KNA1 and KNB1) and document tables (such as, BKPF and BSEG).

To insert variables into a letter, you must name the field and enter the field name between two "&" characters. A complete field name consists of the name of the data table and the name of the field.

If you want to insert the account balance in a foreign currency for example, you must use the name &F150D-SALFW&. The field is called SALFW and is in table F150D. The print date of the letter is &MHNK-AUSDT&.