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You want to clear G/L accounts that contain items in both foreign and local currency, in local currency.


If you select the Only balances in local crcy indicator in a G/L account master record, the system uses the historical amount in local currency when you clear open items. This means that all amounts - even if they are posted in foreign currency - are recorded as if they were posted in local currency. During clearing, the system processes all amounts as if they had been posted in local currency. Processing foreign currency open items in this way enables you to use special clearing accounts in the G/L accounts area. For example, clearing accounts for goods receipts and invoice receipts can be set up so that items are only posted manually to these accounts and the goods receipts are always posted in local currency. If their amounts always correspond in local currency, you will be able to clear the goods receipts and invoice receipts without having to make any adjusting entries.


Some of the open items are in local currency, while others are in several different foreign currencies. You clear all open items using the local currency.

The invoice receipt is posted using 1000 USD and 1580 DEM, and the goods receipt with 1580 DEM. At the time of clearing, the 1000 USD is not translated, instead, the historical value of 1580 DEM is used.


Foreign currency

Exch. rate

Local currency

Clearing amnt

01.01.95: Invoice

1000 USD


1580 DEM

1580 DEM

23.01.95: Goods receipt




1580 DEM


You can clear the items without having to make any further adjustment postings.


If the Only balances in local crcy indicator is suppressed from the screens for G/L account master data maintenance, you have to set it to be displayed in Customizing. To do this, select the activity Define screen layout per transaction (G/L accounts). On the next screen, choose the desired activity (display, create, change), and choose Edit field status. Then select the Control group. On the following detail screen, you can set the field Only balances in local crcy as an optional entry, for example.