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Payment differences arise during clearing if a customer has made an underpayment, or has made an unauthorized deduction for cash discount and the difference is within, or exceeds defined tolerance limits.


Depending on the amount of the receivables, you define how payment differences should be treated.


If the difference is immaterial, you usually clear the receivable and post the difference. You can define how payment differences should be posted. You have the following options:

If the payment differences are within the tolerance limits, the system automatically adjusts the cash discount or posts the difference to a separate gain or loss account. You have defined the amount to which differences should be posted in this way. Specify tolerance amounts and percentage limits.

If the payment difference exceeds the tolerance limits, you can process the payment as a partial payment or enter a residual item for the difference. When you enter a partial payment, the system does not clear the original receivable, but posts the payment with an invoice reference. When you create a residual item, the system clears the original receivable and posts the outstanding difference as residual item to the customer account.

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