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On the initial screen of the line item display, you can use selection criteria to restrict the number of items displayed. You can also specify on this screen exactly how the line items are to be displayed.


To display line items, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter an account number (for example, 78900) and the company code (such as US01), or the worklist you require.
  2. A worklist covers several accounts.

    To define or display a worklist, select Settings Worklist Maintain or Display.

    To use a worklist for the line item display, on the initial screen, select With worklist. Enter the worklist required instead of an account number and company code.

  3. Restrict the number of line items to be displayed. You can use the following selection criteria to do this:

For more information, see Editing Selection Criteria.


Using selection criteria is particularly recommended for accounts with a lot of items; this reduces processing time. You can also use selection criteria, for example, to display all the items for a certain branch that were posted to the head office.

  1. Specify how the line items are to be displayed. You have the following options for this:

For more information, see Changing the Line Layout.

You can use the totals variant to define how totals are created in the line item display.

The sort variant determines the field according to which the line items will be sorted. You can also specify whether you want to sort in ascending or descending order.

  1. You can save the settings you make for line item display in your user master record. The next time you call up the line item display, the system automatically defaults the parameters you have set. To save your settings, select Settings Change user master.

The system confirms that the settings were saved with a message. The message long text lists the individual parameters that you saved.

  1. To display line items, select Execute.


The line items you selected are displayed in a list.

You can use various functions in this list: See Functions in the Line Item Display