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The payment program can make payment to a vendor other than the one to which the invoice was posted. Payment is made to an alternative payee, which must be specified in the master record.

You can specify an alternative payee in the general data area and in the company code data area. The alternative payee specified in the general data area is used by every company code. If you specify an alternative payee in both areas, the specification in the company code area has priority.

To always make vender payments to an alternative payee, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a vendor master record for the alternative payee. Block this account against posting.
  2. Specify the account number of the alternative payee in the Alternative payee field within the payment transactions section of the vendor master record.

When making payments for this vendor, the payment program will always access the name and address of the alternative payee.

In some instances it may be better to specify a payee in the document. To do this, you have to activate this function by selecting the Payee in document indicator in the general data area. When you enter documents for this account, the system displays a field in which you can enter an alternative payee.

The system always uses the payee which is most specific. This means that when you enter a payee in a document, it has priority over payees specified in the master record.