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Function documentation Defining Reconciliation Accounts  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You must specify a reconciliation account in the master record so that all postings made to a subsidiary ledger are also posted to the general ledger.


You have created reconciliation accounts in the General Ledger (FI-GL) and have indicated that they are reconciliation accounts.


When you post items to a subsidiary ledger, the SAP system automatically posts the same data to the general ledger at the same time. Each subsidiary ledger has one or more reconciliation accounts in the general ledger. These reconciliation accounts ensure that the balance of G/L accounts is always zero. This means that you can draw up financial statements at any time without having to transfer totals from the subledgers to the general ledger.

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You can use the reconciliation accounts to make settings:


Make an entry in the Reconciliation account field in the master record.