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This section is only relevant if you want to change the password for the initial logon procedure.

The logon configurations for SAP Gateway are handled via the ICF layer. For more information, see the SAP NetWeaver documentation about Defining the Logon Procedure.

SAP systems may require some additional (browser) features if the password needs to be changed because of being initial or outdated. Therefore, the ICF nodes can be configured to permit the initial password change and the direct logon. An additional ICF node is offered to allow the change of passwords with a browser.

Using an ICF Node for Changing Passwords

SAP Gateway offers a special ICF node which can be accessed to change the password, for example for the initial logon sequence. This node is used to change the password and to redirect to any other custom web page.

You can find this special ICF node in the service tree under /default_host/sap/opu/utils under the name initial_logon.

You can access this node as soon as it has been activated via the URL <host>:<port>/sap/opu/utils/initial_logon.

The call of the service requires authentication and does allow to change an initial password via a browser application. If the URL is extended by ?redirectURL=/X then the browser is redirected to the URL wherever X points to. A typical use case for such a redirect URL would be to display additional information, so that the new password data could be used in the settings of a mobile application. If needed, a redirect URL can be configured and will take precedence over all basic settings.

Changing the Password for ICF Nodes Accessed by Mobile Devices

  1. In transaction SICF choose Execute (F8) to display the service tree hierarchy.

  2. Expand the default host and navigate to the ICF parent node of the initial logon /default_host/sap/opu/utils/initial_logon. This node shall be the root node which is accessed by your mobile devices and where you want to deny the direct access via mobile device.

  3. Double-click on the node and change to edit mode.

  4. On tab Error Pages choose sub-tab Logon Errors.

  5. Choose System Logon.

  6. Choose Configuration.

  7. Choose Define Service-Specific Settings.

  8. Under Logon Layout and Procedure choose Custom Implementation and enter ABAP Class /IWFND/CL_COC_SYSTEM_LOGIN.

  9. Choose Input (Enter) to save your settings.


    If you have administrator rights you have the additional option to save your settings as global settings. Do not use Save as Global Settings.

  10. Activate your ICF node.

Logoff URL

The Internet Communication Framework also offers a default logoff URL on each system.

You can define your own logoff pages via Start of the navigation path Error Pages Next navigation step Logoff Page End of the navigation path.

More Information

For more information on the generic system logon functionality in ICF, see the SAP NetWeaver documentation about System Logon.