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You can test the READ operation in a browser since only the HTTP GET method is used for operation.

Returned in the Query operation for each entry is a set of links that allows for easy access to subsequent data, in this case, the details for each user.

Details of each user through the href link

Look for the href value provided. These are relative links that can be inserted into the URL of the service to access the data mapped by the READ operation.

The href link that performs the main READ operation and gets the data mapped to the root node, in our case is zsh_user_borCollection.

The other href links correspond to the ACTIVITYGROUPS, PASSWORD, and PROFILES nodes that were not flattened in the mapping at design time. Only the PASSWORD link has a cardinality of 1..0, the others have a cardinality of 0..n.

Design time view of our mapping

  1. To execute the READ operation for any entry that is enclosed within the tags, enter the href link provided by replacing z_user_bor_Collection with the href value. For example, …/sap/opu/sdata/sap/ZSH_USER_BOR/zsh_user_borCollection('avizov')

    Results of the Read operation for a specific value

  2. To read the ACTIVITYGROUPS or PROFILES data, repeat step 1. Copy the href link for one of these and replace z_user_bor_Collection, with the href value. For example, to retrieve the ACTIVITYGROUPS data: .../sap/opu/sdata/sap/ZSH_USER_BOR/zsh_user_borCollection('AVIZOV')/activitygroups_r

    Results of Read operation for activity of a specific user