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We can create a consumption model directly from the UC data model in the tree view of the ABAP Workbench (transaction SE80) as follows.

  1. With the ZHS_EPM_GI UC data model displaying in the ABAP Workbench tree view, right-click Related SAP GW Consumption Models and select Add Consumpt. Model. Enter a consumption model name of ZHS_SG_EPM_GI and press Enter.

    A dialog box is displayed, informing you that the consumption model does not exist and asking if you want to create it.

  2. Select Yes and the Create Consumption Model dialog box is displayed.

    The name you entered (ZHS_SG_EPM_GI) is displayed as the Service Technical Name.

  3. Enter a Description (mandatory).

  4. Verify that the OData Channel checkbox is selected (default).

    Create Consumption Model

  5. Select the green checkmark to continue.

  6. In the next dialog box (Create Object Directory Entry), select Local Object (package $TMP) and choose Save.

    The model is created and is assigned to the ZHS_EPM_GI UC data model. It displays under Related SAP GW Consumption Models in the tree view.


The ZHS_SG_EPM_GI consumption model has been created. Next, create the OData Channel runtime class.