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Multiple Origin Composition (MOC) is the ability to collect data from different backend systems, aggregate them in one single service and updating different backend systems while using the same user. This is now extended to subscription management where, an administrator can configure subscriptions on behalf of a user in multiple backend systems. This means that the administrator can create, read, update, delete, and query subscriptions across multiple systems.

  • Make sure that you have SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT OData service activated on your SAP Gateway Hub system with more than one SAP backend system configured for it and with one of them set as default.

  • Make sure that the other OData services you have subscribed for is activated on your SAP Gateway Hub system with more than one backend system configured for it and with one of them set as default.

  • The system alias configured for the service that can be subscribed for (target service) should be a subset of the system alias configured for the SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT service.



    RMTSAMPLEFLIGHT — System Alias











  • The OData service SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT should be configured against all those backend systems where administrator would like to subscribe a user to an OData service.

  • The SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT OData service creates a subscription entry for a service in only those backend systems where the service is configured.

  • The administrator should make sure that principal types (Roles and Users) are present in all the backend systems used.

  • The SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT OData service throws an error in case the subscription could not be created, updated, or deleted from all backend systems successfully.

  • The subscriptions created by SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT OData service can be updated or deleted only through SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT service.

  • When a read operation is performed on the SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT OData service, it returns subscriptions only from the backend system which is set as default.

  • The OData service SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT returns a value "*" for SAP_Origin, indicating that subscription entries are present in more than one backend system.

Assigning Data Provider to Data Model
  • Proceed with the following configuration if you are using the original version (version 1) of SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT service and you want it to support the MOC functionality. If you are using version 2 of SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT service, the following configuration is not applicable.

  • Version 2 of SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT service will be active if earlier version (version 1) is already available in active state. You only need to activate the version 2 of SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT service if it is not already in the active state. See Activate and Maintain Services for more information.

  1. In transaction SPRO open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to: Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step SAP Gateway Next navigation step OData Channel Development with IW_BEP Next navigation step  Registration  Next navigation step Assign Data Provider to Data Model End of the navigation path and click on the Activity icon.

  2. Choose New Entries and enter the following:



    Model Identifier

    The technical name provided for Model Identifier while activating the version 1 of SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT service. For example, ZOM_MGW_ADM_SUB_MODEL_0001_BE.


    Choose the option Multi Destination Composition Data Provider

    Software Version

    Choose DEFAULT.




    Enter a description.

  3. Save your settings.

Service Document

Here is the link to access the service document URL:



Contact your system administrator for host name and port number.

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