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Subscribing to Notification TypesLocate this document in the navigation structure

You can subscribe to the following notification types:

  • Short notification, containing only text and a link to the specific work item sent.

  • Full payload notification, containing the extended work item details.

To subscribe to the notification types:

  1. Open a REST client or any other application that allows posting a request to the following exposed OData services:

    • To subscribe to a user decision type step, post a request to the following URL:

      http://<Host name:port>/sap/opu/sdata/sap/wfdecisiontaskprocessing/SubscriptionCollection

    • To subscribe to an activity type step, post a request to the following URL:

      http://<Host name:port>/sap/opu/sdata/sap/wfactivitytaskprocessing/SubscriptionCollection

  2. Add a request header including the field name X-Requested-With with the value XMLHttpRequest.

  3. Add login details.

  4. Add the request body, using the following code as example:

    <atom:entry xmlns:atom="">
    <atom:title>Subscription for workflow</atom:title>
    <atom:content type="application/xml">
    <m:properties xmlns:m="" 
    <d:deliveryAddress>http://<server>:<port>/additional directory/</d:deliveryAddress>

    The main editable fields in the code are:

    • Delivery address


      The Delivery address must be the same address as that used in the creating a type G RFC destination process. If the address is different, the notification is not sent to the user.

    • Select — where you must enter'*' to subscribe the user to full notification or Empty to subscribe the user to short notification.