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You can expose the content of the Data Model to clients, for it to be consumed as an OData compliant service.

You expose the content by creating a Consumption Model, which enables the SAP Gateway service to be exposed through the Internet Communication Framework (ICF).

  1. Proceed to the ABAP Development Workbench using the transaction SE80.

    Alternatively, you can navigate back to SE80, using the Object Navigator if you are currently in the Data Model generator tool.

    Navigating to the ABAP Workbench from the generator tool

  2. Right-click on Related SAP GW Consumption Models and select Add Consumpt. Model..

    Expand the node for the model, Z_USER_BOR_0001_PS, where necessary.


    Create the consumption model by adding it to an existing data model.

  3. For the Identifier, enter z_user_bor and click the check mark to continue.

    Specify a name for the consumption model

  4. Select Yes to confirm the creation of the consumption model.

    Confirm the new consumption model

  5. Set the Service External Name and Description and click the check mark to continue.

    Specify the name for the SAP Gateway service


    The technical name is the main identifier of the service to the outside world. All associated URIs of the service includes the name you provide. Use descriptive and user friendly, for example, ZSH_User_BOR.

  6. Save the object to a package or as a local object (package $TMP).

You can test the generated service.

Switching Between the ABAP Workbench and the Data Model Generator Tool

You can switch between the ABAP Workbench and the Data Model generator tool if you want to edit your model.

  1. In the Object Navigator screen, double click your Data Model object, ZSH_USER_BOR_0001_PS, under Object Name.

  2. Click the icon, Open generator.

    The generator tool opens in the display mode.

  3. Click on the icon, Display <–> Change to switch to the edit mode in the generator tool.


You have successfully created your SAP Gateway service.

Continue with Assigning the System Alias to the Service.

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