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You must set root node keys for the operations that you have mapped to your new Data Model.

A warning message displays when the Data Model Generator comes across a mapped operation in the model without a key.


The Data Model Generator automatically assigns a root node key to a Property in all operations of the BOR data source.

If Screen Scraping is your data source, only the Query operation is automatically assigned a root node key Property.

The following validation rules apply when setting a Property as key in a Data Model:

  • The generator proposes to assign a key to the first Property, if there is more than one Property with a similar name and type.

  • Where your data source is BOR, there is no proposal for assigning a key if no attribute in the data source is defined as key.


    In BOR (and Screen Scraping Query operation only), we recommend that you verify if the proposed key Property for the model is the correct one, as the generator is capable of proposing the wrong key Property based on its heuristics.

  • Where your data source is RFC, there is no key proposal.

  • If a key Property already exists in a Data Model, the generator does not propose any key assignment.


For Generic Channel Data Models, only the S_COR_ID-VALUE is defined as the key for the Data Model, in the Map Operation screen.

You cannot edit and set keys for Generic Channel Data Models in the Structure tab screen.

You manually set and map the key Property for the Data Model in the Structure tab. You can choose any Property in each mapped operation to be a key.

When you set a Property as a key, it is automatically moved to the root node and a delegated key Property with the same name is added to all sub-nodes that already exist or will be created.

A delegated key Property enables the node to be identified at runtime.


You cannot edit a delegated key Property.

To set a key to an operation in the Structure tab, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Expand all in the Data Model screen to display all the Properties of Data Objects and the origin of all their Properties.

  2. Select the Property you want as the key field.

  3. Choose theSet/Reset Key icon above the Data Model tree view or right-click the field and choose Set Key.

    The key icon displays for the Property and the mapping route displays in the format, for example, READ(USER/GetDetail)ADDITIONAL_INFO/UNIT

After setting the keys for the operations, you can either generate the Data Model directly, or edit it further.

To remove the key assigned to a Property, choose Set/Reset Key.