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Documenting a Data ModelLocate this document in the navigation structure

When you are creating or editing a data model or consumption model, you can access user documentation by choosing the i (Online Manual) button on the ABAP Workbench toolbar.

You can also create and maintain your own documentation linked to the following models and model elements:

  • Data model

  • Consumption model

  • Data object

  • Operation

This documentation is linked to the individual element or model, allowing you to write a tailored description for particular models, and data objects and operations within these models. The documentation is made available in your logon language from within the model or element when you press the documentation button in the SE80 ABAP Workbench toolbar (in display mode). If no documentation exists in the logon language, a message informs you of this.

A different document template is called for each model or element listed above, with standard headings applicable to the object being documented.

To create new or maintain existing documentation:

  1. Switch to edit mode using the Display <-> Change button.

  2. Press the relevant documentation button (for example, SAP GW Data Model Documentation or Data Object Documentation) and the document opens for creation, or for editing if it already exists. A message asks if you want to save the model or element before the document opens.

  3. Create or edit the document as required and press the Save button and then the Activate button. This links the document to the specific model or element.

  4. Press the Back or Exit button to close the document.

When you delete a model or element for which you have created documentation, the documentation is also deleted.