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Defining a Remote Function Call to SAP GatewayLocate this document in the navigation structure

You create or define a background remote function call (bgRFC) destination, which is used for communications in an outbound queue, and an inbound queue among SAP systems. This is an activity that is done in the backend system, that is, the system where software component IW_BEP is installed.

If you are using push from a backend system to an SAP Gateway hub system, it is important not to have a trusted RFC connection. This is because the WF-BATCH user which is the current user in the case of Workflow is not a dialog user and therefore cannot be used for RFC. Instead a dedicated technical user like ALEREMOTE has to be maintained in the RFC destination in the backend system.


You can also use an existing bgRFC destination in your SAP system to the host of SAP Gateway.

You can define this remote function call by using the implementation guide (IMG). In transaction SPRO open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step SAP Gateway Service Enablement Next navigation step Backend OData Channel Next navigation step Connection Settings to SAP Gateway Next navigation step Create RFC Destination for Outbound Queues End of the navigation path.

Proceed as follows to create the bgRFC destination:

  1. Click on the Activity icon.

  2. Choose Create. The RFC Destination Window displays.

  3. In RFC Destination specify a name for the RFC destination to be created. For example, BEP_BGRFC_DEST.

  4. In Connection Type enter 3, for ABAP connections.

  5. In Description 1, enter an explanatory text.

  6. Choose Enter, and select tab Technical Settings.

  7. Enter the SAP Gateway host name in Target Host, and enter its corresponding system number.

  8. On tab Logon & Security enter the technical user and make sure that Current User is not selected.

  9. Choose Enter and select the Special Options tab.

  10. Depending on the SAP NetWeaver version, do the following:

    • For SAP NetWeaver 7.02, go to section Select Transfer Protocol and select 1 Classic with bgRFC from the list.

    • For SAP NetWeaver 7.0, go to section Select qRFC Version and select bgRFC from the list in qRFC Version.

  11. Choose Save and Yes to close the warning message that displays.

  12. Choose Remote Connection to test the connection. Information about the connection type displays.