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You define function import parameters in SAP Gateway Service Builder to fine tune new function imports you have created that will invoke the required custom operations.

The process for defining function import parameters is similar to the way you define properties for complex types and entity types.


You can define the following parameters:




Enter name, for example, flightdate or connectionID

EDM Core Type

Enter core type, For example, Edm.String or Edm.DateTime


Enter the number of decimal places permitted for numeric data types. The value defines the maximum number of decimal places permitted to the left and right of the decimal point.


Enter the maximum number of decimal digits permitted after the decimal point.

Max Length

Enter the maximum length you want to allow at runtime. For example, enter 30 to specify a maximum length of 30 characters for this parameter.

ABAP Field Name

This the technical name for Function Import Parameter, maximum characters allowed: 30.

ABAP Type Editor

Click the button in this column to open ABAP Type Editor dialogue box. Select appropriate mode. For more information, see Mappings and ABAP Type Editor.


Unlike Properties, here ABAP Type Editor has only two Determination modes: Explicit Assignment and Determination by Runtime Object Generator


Enter how the parameter is to be used. For example, classifies a number as a telephone number or a fax number.

Unit Reference Parameter

Enter the unit reference to be used. For example, if the parameter comprises a number that refers to a currency or amount, you can specify the currency or unit of measure that is to be used.


Enter a label text to be displayed at runtime.

Label Test Reference Editor

You can enter a free-text label in Label directly or use the Label Text Reference Editor to enter the reference type (program, data element, or class). The reference type you select influences the other input fields ( Object Name , Key , and Label ) you have to edit.

  1. If the field ABAP Field Name is left blank, system generates a unique name during runtime generation:

    • In case of “file Import” unique ABAP name is generated based on the Function Import Paramater name and displayed in mass edit view

    • In case of “Redefine”, ABAP name is generated/fetched from Base Service and displayed in mass edit view

    • In case of upgrade, you have to trigger generation manually to get ABAP name in the mass edit view

  2. The column Data Element is disabled in SAP Gateway 7.40 SP09 and higher versions.