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Integration of Generic Interaction Layer (GenIL) with SAP Gateway offers a simple and quick way of exposing the business data in the form of OData services.

Check the sections below to know about software requirements, operations supported and constraints for SAP Gateway integration with GenIL, along with this the following topics are covered:


Make sure that the following system prerequisites are fulfilled:

  • You have an SAP Gateway Hub system where software component IW_FND 250 is deployed.

  • You should have the following software components deployed either on the SAP Gateway Hub system or on the SAP backend system:

    • IW_BEP 200

    • IW_GIL 100

    • WEBCUIF 7.0 SP03 and above

Operations Supported

The table lists all the operations supported for each type of GenIL node:

GenIL Node Type/Operations






Root Object

Access Object

Dependent Object


Not supported


The entities corresponding to the root and access objects are marked as sap:addressable = true and those corresponding to dependent objects are marked as sap:addessable = false. This means that the query on a dependent object can only be triggered via a navigation property of a root/access object.


At present the following constraints apply:

  • Currently, the CUD (Create, Update and Delete) operations are not supported on the related objects.

  • Filtering is supported only for those properties of an entity (corresponding to the root/access object) which has a similar named field in the attribute structure of the default query.

  • Dependent objects which are assigned as related objects to more than one root/access/dependent object in the GenIL model are not supported currently.