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You can check your project for consistency at any time during the data modeling process. It is advisable to check your project for consistency after making any changes to the existing data so that you can make the necessary corrections quickly and easily before you generate the actual service.

For example, you might want to check your project for consistency after you have made changes to an entity type’s properties.

  1. Open the project for which you want to check for consistency, by clicking Open and entering the name of the relevant project.

  2. Click Check Project Consistency

  3. The warning message Project ‘DOCUMENTATION_TEST’ has been checked; check warnings is displayed in the message view in the Service Builder.


You have ensured that the changes you made to the entity type properties will not lead to inconsistencies in your project and the service you later generate.

You are recommended to run the consistency check after you have made any changes to your data model.

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