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User Self Service IMG ActivitiesLocate this document in the navigation structure

User Self Service specific configuration tasks are included in the SAP Gateway Implementation Guide (IMG) which is available in the system.

To access these IMG activities, go to transaction SPRO, open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to: Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step SAP Gateway Service Enablement Next navigation step Backend OData Channel Next navigation step User Self Service Setup End of the navigation path. For all steps/activities in the IMG, there is always consumer-independent documentation available. Select the Display icon to view the documentation before executing each activity.

The following are the User Self Service IMG activities:

  • Maintain URL for User Account Activation (Mandatory): You can maintain the activation URL of the application you are using to manage your user accounts by using this activity.

  • Maintain Number Range Interval for User Self Service (Mandatory): Use this activity to maintain the number range for generating the users in the SAP system.

  • Maintain RFC Destinations for User Replication (Mandatory): This IMG activity enables you to replicate the users from the SAP backend to SAP Gateway Hub system.

  • Maintain User Category (Mandatory): You can maintain the list of user categories for your application using this activity.

  • Verify User Request (Optional): This is an activity for implementing the BAdI /IWBEP/BD_MGW_URM_VERIFICATION. This BAdI defines the functionality for verifying the information provided during the user request creation.

  • Define Notification Process for User Request Management (Optional): This is an activity for the BAdI /IWBEP/BD_MGW_URM_NOTIFICATION. It defines the functionality for sending notifications from User Request Management application. User Request Management application has the provision to deliver notifications via email as the standard. You can enhance the solution by adding your own notification mechanism. By default, the notification content is delivered in a certain standard format but you have the provision to customize the format.

  • Implement User Management (Optional): This is an activity for the BAdI /IWBEP/BD_MGW_UM_USR_MANAGER to manage the users.

  • Define Handler for User Management Notification (Optional): This is an activity for the BAdI /IWBEP/BD_MGW_UM_NOTIFICATION to notify about the user creation.

  • User Request Cleanup (Optional): You can delete the user request which are in process / open / completed / cancelled using this activity.