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Setting Keys for Table EntriesLocate this document in the navigation structure


You must set a key for each mapped table entry for which you want to enable access at runtime. The key must be unique for each entry.

The mapped table entries are part of the mappings in your Data Model.


You can generate a Data Model that contains table entries only when at least one of the entries has a unique key defined.

To set a key for a mapped table entry, proceed as follow:

  1. Expand the table node in your Data Model in the Data Model screen.

  2. Select the field you want to set as the table key.

  3. Click the key icon.

At runtime, you can obtain all the data entries in a table mapped to the Data Model.

Screen Scraping: Recording a Table with Entries

If Screen Scraping is your data source, then the movement within the table is directly dependent on the same functionality in the table that was recorded. If support for movement within tables is not available in the recorded table, only the table entries available within the size of the recorded screen are displayed at runtime.

In addition, to get all the entries in a table during the recording, do the following:

  • Focus the cursor in one of the fields of the table, and click the Page down icon.

  • Select the same field again and click the Page down icon once more.

If you click the Page down icon only once during the recording, you will only get the entries that are visible on the screen.