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When the Data Model is created, you can get a good description of the resulting service and its data format by looking at the service metadata.


Using a browser provides a convenient way to test the SAP Gateway service generated from the Data Model.

For testing purposes, you can use the following:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Firefox with a REST client add-On or another HTTP client.

Displaying the Metadata

You can view the metadata through the consumption model.

  1. Expand the Related SAP GW Consumption Models node and double-click on the service document, ZSH_USER_BOR_0001.

  2. To view the metadata, click Metadata.

    This launches the default browser and displays the service metadata document in EDMX format. It also describes the service in Entity Data Model terms according to OData specifications.

    Notice the string ZSH_USER_BOR” in the URL. http://.../sap/opu/sdata/sap/ZSH_USER_BOR/?$format=xml

    This is the external service name that you specified when you created the consumption model. Also take note of the $metadata” string needed to access the service metadata document.


    Provide your SAP Gateway user credentials if the browser requires you to logon.

The XML button launches a browser window and displays the Service Document.

The service document is the entry point for an OData service and provides information on all the collections of resources available and the relative links to the resources.