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Configuring the SAP System as the Trusting SystemLocate this document in the navigation structure

You configure the SAP system to be the trusting system using transaction SMT1. This transaction requires an RFC destination to the system to be trusted, the SAP Gateway host.

Proceed as follows to create an RFC destination for the trusting system:

  1. In transaction SM59, choose Create.

  2. In RFC Destination, enter a name for your destination, for example, <my host name>.

  3. In Connection Type, enter 3 (Connection to ABAP System).

  4. Enter a short text in Description, for example, Connect to <my host name>.

  5. Save your settings.

  6. On the Technical Settings tab, select No for Load Balancing and enter the SAP Gateway host name in Target Host and the corresponding system number for the SAP Gateway host in System Number.

  7. Select IP Address in Save to Database as.


On the Logon & Security tab, make sure that you do not specify logon data and the option Trust Relationship is set to not for this destination.

Proceed as follows to define the trusting system:

  1. In transaction SMT1, choose Create in the Display and Maintain Trusted Systems window.

  2. In the Create trusted system via dialog, enter the RFC destination name and choose Enter. . , for example, <my host name>. Note that you have defined this destination name in a previous step.

    An RFC logon to the SAP Gateway host occurs, and the necessary information is exchanged between the systems.

  3. Log on to the SAP Gateway host using your logon credentials.

    The trusted entry for the SAP Gateway host is displayed.

  4. Choose Save.

Proceed as follows to configure the trusting system to accept assertion tickets from the SAP Gateway host.


Make sure that you have a certificate from the SAP Gateway host.

  1. Log on to your SAP system and choose transaction SSO2.

    The Logon Ticket Administration for Single Sign-On (SSO) screen is displayed.

  2. Enter the host name and the system number for your SAP system, and follow the instructions in the wizard.