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Used for having a user apply a decision on a Workflow task, for example, approve or reject. The possible decision options for this action are derived from the Decision Options Collection(1...n), so first you need to navigate to this collection.

You must add the following parameters to this action:

  • Decision - mandatory parameter. Enter the relevant decision key from the Decision Options Collections (for example, 0001 = approve, 0002 = reject).

  • Comments - optional parameter for the approver comments.

The URL is as follows:

http://<host name>:port>/sap/opu/sdata/sap/wfdecisiontaskprocessing/DecisionOption_ApplyDecision?value=<workitem_id>&scheme_id=IWF_USER_DECISION_TASK_GW&scheme_agency_id=<SID>_<client>&dec_key=<decision_key>&comments-<comments>