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Registering the Service for Use at RuntimeLocate this document in the navigation structure


We next register the service for runtime, which consists of:

  • Creating an object model on the backend.

  • Creating a service on the backend and assigning the object model to it.

Register the service for runtime as follows:

  1. Start transaction SPRO, open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step  SAP Gateway Business Suite Enablement Next navigation step OData Channel End of the navigation path to display the runtime registration tasks:

  2. Execute the activity Maintain Object Models and the Maintain Object Model popup opens.

  3. Enter a Technical Object Model Name of ZHS_EPM_FILE_IMP_TUTORIAL and an Object Model Version of 1:

    Maintain Object Model popup

  4. Select Create and the Create Object Model popup opens, with the model's technical name and version already filled in.

  5. Enter Z_HSCL_MOD_EPM in the Model Provider Class field (search help is available) and a Description of EPM File Importer Tutorial Object Model:

    Create Object Model popup

  6. Save your entries.

  7. Go back to the IMG tree and execute the activity Maintain Service to open the Maintain Service popup.

  8. Enter an Internal Service Name of ZHS_EPM_FILE_IMP_TUTORIAL_SERV and a Service Version of 1:

    Maintain Service popup

  9. Select Create and the Change Service screen displays, with the service information already filled in.

  10. Enter Z_HSCL_DATA_EPM in the Data Provider Class field (search help is available) and a Description of Test File Importer Tutorial:

    Change Service screen

  11. Save your entries.

    The service has been created.

  12. Select Assign Model and then enter the Technical Object Model Name and corresponding Object Model Version of the object model you have just created.

  13. Save your entries.


An object model and service are created and the object model is assigned to the service. The runtime registration is complete. Next, activate the service on the hub.