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The Data Source view enables you to drag and drop data source attributes into the same row as the entity set properties to which you want to map the data source.

The data source attributes presented include structures, tables, and information such as, mandatory, default value, internal type and length.

You can hide and show the column headings using the Change Layout icon.

The following attributes are shown differently:

  • Return table:

    Specifies a return message table, or a return structure, such as BAPIRET2.

    The table is automatically identified based on the message structure. It shows the icon [ ], at the end of the name of the attribute.

    You can use the Set/Unset button to set and to unset the structure as a log.


    Do not map return tables or structures.

  • Max Hits:

    Specifies the maximum items to return at runtime. It is automatically identified based on the name, and the Service Builder can use it correctly at runtime. No mapping is required.

  • Range table:

    Specifies the structure of an internal table for administering complex areas, that is, the type of an internal ranges table in the ABAP program.

    Service Builder automatically identifies a ranges table based on its structure, however, you can manually identify it.

    You can set the ranges table using the button, SET/unset Range Table, (the button displays only when mapping the query operation).

    For more information, see Range Tables and Structures.