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Creating and Assigning RolesLocate this document in the navigation structure

To create a role and assign it to users (user roles, administrator roles or developer roles), proceed as follows:

  1. On the Role Maintenance page enter an existing SAP_BC* role : For an administrator role choose a listed standard administrator role, for example SAP_BC_BASIS_ADMIN, and for a user role, enter an existing generic user role, for example SAP_BC_ENDUSER.

  2. Select Copy Role to create a copy of the standard role.

  3. In the Query dialog box, enter a name for the new role and then select Copy all.

    The new role is created.

  4. On the Role Maintenance page, select Change.

  5. On the Authorizations tab select Change Authorization Data under the Maintain Authorization Data and Generate Profiles section.

  6. Select Start of the navigation path Edit Next navigation step Insert authorization(s) Next navigation step From template... End of the navigation path.

    The Choose Template page displays.

  7. Select the appropriate template from the list (see User and Administrator Authorizations) and choose Continue (Enter).

  8. Choose Generate.

  9. On the Generate Profile window choose Generate.

  10. In the Assign Profile Name for Generated Authorization Profile dialog box, maintain the profile name according to your requirements and choose Execute (Enter).

  11. The Change role: Authorizations page displays, with the Status of the profile showing as generated.

  12. Go back to the Change Roles page and select the User tab.

  13. Under User Assignments enter the names of the users to whom you want to assign this role and save your settings.

  14. Choose User Comparison.

  15. Choose Complete Comparison.

  16. Save your settings.

For more information about role maintenance, see the SAP NetWeaver documentation about Changing Standard Roles.