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Verifying Logical PortsLocate this document in the navigation structure

A logical port is a reference to runtime configuration on the consumer system to access the provider's endpoint. This section guides you to verify the logical ports created while Configuring Service Groups.

  1. Logon to the Consumer system.

  2. Open transaction SOAMANAGER.

  3. Navigate to Start of the navigation path Service Administration tab Next navigation step Single Service Configuration End of the navigation path.

  4. Search for the service group that has been configured previously.

  5. To see the details for a service group, click the arrow next to the label to open up the tree. On the first hierarchy level, all configured provider systems are listed. On the second hierarchy level, the proxies are listed

  6. Go to the Configurations tab. A logical port that has the Creation Type value set to Created based on profile is listed.

  7. Choose Ping web service to check the configuration.

  8. To see the details of a proxy, select it and click Apply Selection.

    If no logical port is listed, or it is not possible to create logical ports via the business scenario, you can manually create a logical port.

    • Choose Create Logical Port.

    • Chose a Name and Description.

    • Enter the URL to a WSDL or select a file.

    To obtain the URL of a WSDL, see section Verifying the Endpoints Created.

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